Company Profile

“Our sophisticated yet simple design philosophy, combined with our customer focused attitude, makes dealing with Envent easy and rewarding”.

Being in the kiosk industry is both exciting and challenging as there are endless opportunities for this technology. In today’s world, using kiosks is nearly as common as using an ATM or EFTPOS machine, with many users interacting with kiosks on a daily basis.

Off the back of 15 years of designing kiosk enclosures, wayfinding and signage systems, Envent was formed in 2004 to offer personalised, high quality and affordable kiosk solutions to industry. Since our inception we have grown exponentially, with many clients attracted by our can do attitude towards problem solving. Indeed, the kiosk industry is a growing market for Envent as businesses realize the significant benefits for using self service technology to increase customer service and in tandem positioning the client as innovators via the intrinsic value of self promotion through the terminals.

Our philosophy is to partner with our clients as opposed to viewing projects as one-off time bound initiatives. This in terms builds strong, lasting relationships, with trust and integrity being fostered as cornerstones of our commercialisation process. Before we can endeavor to guide them in any given direction, we aim to understand each individual client thoroughly from the outset, whilst continuing to evaluate our understanding as the relationship matures. Envent primary goal is to act as a strategic long term technology development partner for our clients.

In evolving our products and services to better meet the needs of our clients and the general public, we make sure that every client is able to tailor their kiosks to suit their target market requirements and
enhance user experience. This expertise is drawn from a range of industries making Envent a unique kiosk provider.

While excellent customer service and on-time performance is paramount for our clients, there are also many other elements which are sought. To further meet the needs of this market we strive to continually develop our product offering by introducing enhancements and innovations to support the business sector.
With many ASX listed companies now holding corporate accounts with Envent, our small business has certainly come a long way in a very short time. This adds incentive to push the boundaries of innovation and continue to develop the best products and services to deliver improved value to our clients.

Our expertise in kiosk customer loyalty systems has lead to the development of the latest in kiosk loyalty and promotional technology aimed at the retail market, benefiting centres, shoppers
and retailers.

Envent’s head office in St Peters has a warm and inviting atmosphere for clients to visit and peruse our product range. A place to discuss future projects and absorb the design culture which helps to
stimulate future product development.

Justin Dean
Managing Director, Envent