Ballista Kiosk

Cutting edge kiosk technology with multifunctional capabilities

The Ballista is a multifunctional, transactional kiosk offering sophisticated cutting edge functionality, combining a contemporary design aesthetic. Extremely durable materials and practical design features definitely set this kiosk design apart from the crowd.

The Ballista boasts plug and play upgradeability to incorporate second LCD Display for advertising, external keyboards and devices for a multitude of applications with relative ease.

The Ballista allows extremely easy access to internal hardware components, CPU, Printer, Display and other peripherals. This is the benchmark of Envent’s kiosk philosophy.

The modular design of the Ballista allows for a broad range of possible configurations to suit any client’s needs.

Envent has pioneered the use of gas struts in our kiosks to enhance usability and simplify technician access and safety.