Sabre Kiosk

Introducing the Sabre Kiosk

The SABRE kiosk has been designed as premium large format touchscreen Directory.

The vertical 1800mm high enclosure houses a 37″ LCD touchscreen, PC, ventilation hardware, sound system and illuminated signage to both the front and rear of the Directory through back-printed toughened glass panels.

The SABRE has no peers in terms of high quality and upgradable and aesthetic appeal.

The SABRE design can be easily adapted to suit  any decor by replacing the high quality glass panels with any material or finish that is required, this will dramatically change  the aesthetics whilst maintaining the extremely high quality of the terminal.

The SABRE offers high definition 37″ LCD technology to the front of   the directory, with “traditional” static (Printed) maps to the rear sides of the directory as a an entry level option. The client can   then upgrade to a double sided (LCDs to both sides) of the directory without any additional design changes.

The SABRE caters for clients who want the flexibility to use existing static wayfinding signage to one side of the directory, or a mixture of static and interactive wayfinding to both sides.

The SABRE has been designed to take into consideration the servicing aspects of technicians and staff onsite. With easy access for changing paper and all other internal electrical components, the   SABRE is simple and intuitive in its design and user friendliness.

The ergonomics of the SABRE screen height and angle take into consideration the Australian standards for freestanding, seated and disabled access.  All of the relevant Australian electrical and certification standards have also been adhered to with the SABRE. The design is aimed at clients who want the best technology and design that kiosk technology can offer.

The SABRE kiosk is ideal for a stand alone environment, hardware is accessible from the front via a high quality compression lock. Rubber seals and ventilation with insulation ensures the internal cabinetry is kept clean and dust free during operation.

The SABRE has a host of easily upgradable features that be installed easily onsite. The compact cabinet with upgradable hardware and interchangeable parts, allows technicians to upgrade the kiosk with the following; Thermal Printer, Intercom, Card Reader and Dual LCD technologies. Envent can add additional peripherals to the enclosure depending on the clients requirements.

The SABRE is ideal for large format foyer directories, and hospitals or retail applications.

Ask your kiosk supplier to show you where the products are manufactured, and particularly ask for the make and model of the LCDs, Toucschreens and internal computer hardware.  If the electrical hardware isn’t a well known brand name, you may risk the   success of your kiosk implementation through breakdowns and lack of technical support and product knowledge.

Envent’s reputation is built on our kiosk design innovation and product quality. Feel free to ask us for a demonstration at any stage.

  • Powdercoated Mild steel enclosure, designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • 37″ LCD and projected capacitive touchscreen.
  • Illuminated A1 signage panel to rear
  • Proprietary Sound system with Amplifier and 2 x 7W stereo speakers.
  • Illuminated “I” signage to front and rear of enclosure
  • Spike and surge protected powerboard
  • Circulatory ventilation system with replaceable insulation pads.
  • Custom colour scheme
  • 240V mains power input
  • PC – Core 2 Duo/ 2-4GB/WinXP/10-100-1000 Ethernet/150-300Gb SATA/ Display port.
  • Dual 37″ LCD and projected capacitive touchscreen
  • Dual 37″ LCD panel only
  • Hybrid Insert card reader
  • 112mm Thermal printer
  • Custom 2 pac polyurethane paint finish and screen printing
  • Powdercoated metal paneling
  • Mirrored stainless steel paneling
  • Intercom System
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Uninteruptable power Supply (UPS)